Eleanor's Euphoric Musings

Photo Credit:  Kassidy Wagner

Come visit with me. I love to lose myself in daydreams.

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Photo 1 - Father-in-Law, Steve, in his happy place on Lake George

Photo 2 - Mommy and Hilda Tante in Austria

Photo 3 - Daddy

Photo 4 - Self-expressing with Tattoo of elephants

"Old things mixed with new things make one's heart value all things." 

- Eleanor Wagner

"Dream a Little Dream"

A story that takes place in the beautiful countryside of Sussex County and in the quaint arena of Middlebury Vermont.

Victoria Sheldon was used to being lonely

since marrying idle businessman Adam.

While walking alone one night, she is

abducted by a madman with a strange,

bizarre appetite for violence. Movie star

Kyran Cornell is beside himself with

helplessness after receiving a visionary bond

from a mysterious, fascinating woman in

trouble. But will the bond between them

remain strong enough to save her?

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"Dream a little Dream" Book Teaser

This video teaser was created by my daughter, Viktoria-Leigh, for her college project.

The whole family, even our dogs, got into the act and made our acting debuts. It was a fun time.

"Dream a little Dream" Customer Reviews

Amazing book that will keep you on your toes in suspense until the very end.


I downloaded this book and thought I would read for a few minutes before starting my work on Sunday afternoon. I read for fifteen minutes and then I was hooked. I didn't put it down until it was finished, three hours later. I look forward to the next book from Eleanor.

and yet another...

I never write reviews for fiction books, because I rarely read fiction

anymore, but here goes... Dream a little Dream had me riveted from the first page. Whether you need a perfect vacation book or the perfect staycation book, this is a must read to escape the blah...Blah...BLAH of our daily lives. Yes it includes romance, but it is not corny. There is drama...can we really get enough? There is vivid character development, but never too much info (just enough keep you locked in on the edge of your seat). At 120 pages or so, it is a low commitment read that will grab you by the collar (especially the last 20 pages) and make you beg for 500 more pages. So yes, I enjoyed the book and I am sure you will, too.

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Jeanine Beane Meets Mavis The Camel

After two years of searching, being patient and frustrated, an illustrator has finally been found for my, "Jeanine Beane Meets Mavis the Camel" children's book.

Thank you, Leigh Mason, for offering up your talents to bring this dream series of mine to life.

I am extremely thankful.

I was thrilled to hear that when he read it along with his 8 year old son, they giggled throughout the reading!

Looking forward to a long and fruitful adventure with you, Leigh!

I will keep you all posted about the release date!

Sussex County Hauntings


Other Strange Phenomena

Release Date October 30th, 2019 All Hollows Eve