Eleanor's Euphoric Musings

Photo Credit:  Kassidy Wagner

Come visit with me. I love to lose myself in daydreams.


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Photo:  Grandpa on the left in Geresdorf in Austria.

About the Author

Eleanor Wagner started out as a city girl, born and bred in da Bronx, but she has long become a country girl at heart living in the beautiful countryside of Sussex County; sharing space with horses and cows.  She spent years releasing her 'inner child' by portraying Pennywhistle the Clown for children of all ages.  Aside from writing, in her spare time she likes to sing, read, hike, swim, garden, and spend time with her family which is comprised of her five kids (two daughters and three dogs) and her husband of 29 years.  She has always been a daydreamer and finds joy in the tiniest of things.  She would like to take you on this journey with her if you will allow it.

Photo above:  Mommy on Left, Grandma in center, and Dad far right in front of his childhood home in Geresdorf, Austria.

“My passion is animals, especially elephants.  I pray for the protection and the well-being of children.  I have a love of nature and birds, especially hummingbirds. I love butterflies. I can't say enough about the importance of historical preservation.  The ocean is my happy place.  And, I am obsessed with lighthouses and dragonflies.  I love flowers, and  my perennial gardens.  Daddy had a green thumb, and I inherited it.”

The Author - Eleanor Wagner

What I'm Feeling Lately....

Whisper I love you to a butterfly, and it will fly to heaven to deliver your message. - author unknown

What's on My Mind?

I am hoping recovery from my surgery is speedy.