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Gina Darata

I am a private special education teacher who works with adults with developmental disabilities. Although I love to read. I rarely have time given my busy schedule. I usually save novels for when I have at least a week off on vacation, so I know I can safely finish them before returning to the "real world".

However, I found this book among my mother's things, one weekend while visiting her. I quickly read the back cover, and it seemed interesting. It was also pretty short (about 120 pages), so despite my track record, I started reading, knowing that it was possible to finish it in a weekend,

What I didn't expect, was how quickly the author developed the characters that had depth beyond what I thought possible, given how short the novel was. It then took me on a paranormal thrill ride that kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page. I literally spent the entire afternoon reading, unable to put it down, until it was finished. It contained all of the elements that I long for in a good book: well developed story and characters, suspense, romance (without being cheesy), and a little paranormal twist thrown in for good measure. If you want to be swept away on an adventure, that won't take up too much time, than this is the novel for you!!!

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For you dog lovers out there, click to view my Facebook and Instagram dog pages....

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