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Photo - Stephen and Agnes Wagner Wedding, January 9, 1960

My Friend, The Author....

R.K. Lander

R.K. Lander only ever read fantasy and science fiction as a kid. Why? She says it was her father’s fault. She would read his chewed-up books by Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury, and although she loved the classics and has read her fair share – She always went back to sci-fi, and especially to fantasy.

It was later in life that she read, "Lord of the Rings" and loved it, but was left wondering about immortality, about what it would be like to live for so long. 

"It would be great," she says, "but specifically, would such beings really be so angelic? So cold and dispassionate? Flighty and unconcerned with the trials of others as not only the book but the films portray?" 

R.K. didn't think so. That was how she first came up with the idea of, "The Silvan". She wanted to read a story about real elves, about how they live, suffer and die. How they would think, what social structure they would have, what political regime they would have. The quickest way to find that story – was to write it.

She never had any expectations for herself as a successful author, but that’s changing. She is glad she followed her dream.

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The Silvan

Book Bio:

A half-blood child is born in the Great Forest Belt, home of the Silvan elves, in spite of their Alpine rulers who colonized the land centuries ago. An orphan, his aunt would never answer his questions.

The first king, the great Or’Talán was loved by the Silvans in spite of his Alpine descent, but his son, Thargodén lost his heart to a Silvan and treachery begins to stir from within the king’s circle.

Forced away from his soulmate, Thargodén marries an Alpine noble and takes the throne after his father’s death in battle. But grief immerses him in a land of shadows and half-existence, distancing him from his children.

The land is slowly falling under the powerful influence of the king’s uncle. Band’orán never loved the Silvans. All he wanted was the throne.

Fel’annár embarks upon the road of a novice warrior together with his inseparable friends. He learns about warriorhood and leadership, about mortals who do not wish to die. But he didn’t expect to hear the voice of the trees. He didn’t expect to be recognised.

Allies and enemies stand scheming in the shadows. Some to protect him while others seek to destroy one they see as a threat to the plans of a powerful lord who would rule the forest himself.

Battle and hardship, ancient lore and the Warrior Code, the union of brothers in arms and the love of a Silvan healer. This is Fel’annár’s story, the tale of an orphaned warrior child who becomes a fighting legend and the hope of his subjugated people.

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My Reading Recommendation

Left Behind


Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

First book of a huge series having to do with End Times and Revelations.  Reading it is like eating a great piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth.  It tastes so good, but is done so quickly that it makes you want another piece.

What I am Reading

 The Wedding


Nicholas Sparks

Long-awaited follow-up to" The Notebook' - a story of an ordinary man who goes to extraordinary lengths to win back the love of his life.

What I Recommend

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The Pros and Cons of Publishing and Self-Publishing

Get an inside viewpoint from author Eleanor Wagner who has gone the traditional route with a publishing firm and that of author DC Caruso who is self-published as they discuss and open up about their own individual, unique experiences.

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Evaluate Yourself!

     I hope you will join me in this wonderful canvass of your personal history. By participating, you will be able to see how far you have come since you began working, the miles in between, all the way up to your final accomplishment today.

     It will be fun to see and compare yours to the others. I will be posting the exercise results to my website for anyone who wishes to see and compare one to the others. It is definitely eye-opening and food for thought.

     Please take a few minutes to write down all the jobs or things you have done to make money that you can think of in your lifetime. What was your very first job? What do you do today? The order in between is not important, but it will be interesting to see the variety of things we have all done to get where we are today. I will start us off so you can see how it’s done.

     Email your list along with your name and/or any comments you would like to add to me at [email protected]

Eleanor Wagner, Published Author (present)

Kindergarten Teacher’s Aide (present)

Pre-K Music Teacher

Children’s Party Clown Business



SAT Test Prep

Singer in a band

Flea Market Vendor

Home Party Rep

Vitamin Sales

Weight Loss Coach

Pepsi Commercial

Entertainment Company


Administrative Assistant to CEO

Calendar Sales

Social Media Rep

Daycare Provider

Calendar Sales

Antique/Consignment Store Owner

Shampooer in a hair salon

Children’s Party Planner Business

At-home Ornament Assembly

Home baked Goods Sales

Ice Cream Parlor Clerk

School Substitute

Handyman Helper

Sales Associate in Clothing Store

McDonald’s Manager

McDonald’s Swing Shift Leader

McDonald’s Server (First Job)