Eleanor Wagner

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Photo - Author Eleanor Wagner and Cousin Heidilinde in Austria

Ghost Hunting in Respectrum Book Shop and Art Gallery.

Author Eleanor Wagner with Brittany Iwanski, Glenn Norcross, Emily Norcross, Tyler Lagomarsino (of Spectral Realm Investigators), Laurel Devine and Stephen Denman of Respectrum Books and Gallery in Sussex, New Jersey

March 16, 2019


Author Eleanor Wagner with Leslie Pedersen and Jennifer Ziegler

Author Eleanor Wagner with Leslie Pedersen and Jennifer Ziegler

Author Eleanor Wagner with Leslie     Author Eleanor Wagner

Loefller                                                         and Deb Solinski

Author Eleanor Wagner and                Diana Torregrossa, Patty 

Kristen Becker                                          Shannon and Author Eleanor


                                                                   Author Eleanor Wagner 

                                                                             David Davies

Michael Maffetone, David 

David Davies, and Tori Wagner

Book Signings and Events

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Enjoying some holiday celebration time with other Author Friends.

DC Caruso, Sherri Pavone Van Houten, Susan Orr and others

 Book signing at Shoptiques in Vernon, New Jersey with Authors Sherri Pavone VanHouten, Ellsworth VanHouten & DC Caruso

Milford Authors Festival with Newscaster Carol Jenkins

 Milford, Pennsylvania's Writer's and Author's Festival 9/29/18

With my fellow panelists:  DC Caruso, Ells and Sherri VanHouten

Paranormal Panel:  Jennifer Ziegler and Leslie Pedersen

My Date with Alan Alda.  He was kind enough to sign my Program and take this picture with me.


Collaborating with the Romance Team for our Workshop which is to take place on Saturday, September 29th at the Milford, PA's Writers and Authors Festival

Christmas Party with the Sussex Bards, Applebees, Newton, New Jersey,  12/13/17

With author Jasmyne Emmerick         Author Kate Moscatello

                            Thank you to all of you who came out in support of the fundraiser for One Step Closer Animal Rescue at the Colesville Vintage Consignment Shop in Wantage, New Jersey! Woohoo! We got to spend time in an awesome little shop with great deals while helping out a wonderful cause!

Colesville Vintage Consignments, Rt. 23, Sussex, New Jersey, Proprietor - Angela Darata

Authorpalooza Event, Broad                  With Mrs. Claus and Sue-Ni

Street Books, Branchville,                      DiStefano -  Proprietor

New Jersey                                                  Authorpalooza 12/1/17


Authorpalooza 12/1/17 with                  Authorpalooza 12/1/17 with 

author Richard Goffman                           authors Gloria Taylor and

                                                                          Patricia Galperin

Authorpalooza Event, Broad               With author Dr. Peter Lubrecht,

Street Books, Branchville,                    Sr. 

New Jersey , Authors Linda              

Watkins and Jean LeBlanc


Authorpalooza 12/1/17                             Authorpalooza 12/1/17  

Broad Street Books,                                   Broad Street Books,

Branchville, New Jersey                            Branchville, New Jersey

The Frisky Goat, Book Signing             Dingmans Ferry Public Library

Event.  Milford, Pennsylvania               Book Signing Event

                                                                       Milford, Pennsylvania

Dingmans Ferry Public Library               Dingmans Ferry Public Library

Milford, Pennsylvania                                Book Signing Event

 Book Signing Event                                    Milford, Pennsylvania

Milford Library, Book Signing                Broad Street Books

Event.  Milford, Pennsylvania                 Branchville,  New Jersey

                                                                         With Sue-Ni DiStefano -                                                                                       Proprietor

Shoptiques, Vernon, New Jersey                      Shoptiques

Jennifer Ruffo - Proprietor                                 Vernon, New Jersey

Book Signing Event                                                Book Signing Event