Eleanor's Euphoric Musings

Photo Credit:  Kassidy Wagner

Come visit with me. I love to lose myself in daydreams.


To Recommend or Not To Recommend - That is the Question.

Pic#1 ​ This toothpaste that is supposed to whiten teeth is awful.  Aside from the fact that it does not work, it also tastes like I am brushing my teeth with a sugary paste.  Yuck!

Pic#1 ​Magnetic Eyelashes.  Don't waste your time or money.            Pic#2Actually really like this brush blower. It straightens without damaging.  Good bang for your buck.      Pic#3   Strapless Bra Stick-ons.  They move, so can hurt a bit when coming off.  Didn't think about the big, fatty side of my boob not having any control when using these. Noticeable when wearing summerwear.  Will probably only use them with winterwear for comfort and boob freedom.

Pic#1 ​Daily Harvest  Healthy smoothies, but on the pricey side            Pic#2 Fat Snax  Tasty baked goods, but a lot smaller in size than appears in their pics. Priced well.      Pic#3   Paleo Bakehouse  Tasty snacks, but a lot smaller in size than appears in their pics.  Priced well.

Pic#1 Colesville Vintage Consignments, Sussex, NJ A great place to get vintage items at a reasonable price. Pic#2 Taco of the Town, Sussex, NJ A great place to get mexican food in Sussex County. Large portions, low price. Bring your own booze. Pic#3 Shear Energy Salon, Wantage, NJ Great Stylists using natural and environmentally-friendly products. Pic#4 The Carriage House, Culver lake, NJ Great place to get a variety of food choices, but top-notch Hungarian dishes, too. 

Pic#1 Plexaderm - really works                          Low Cost Spay/Neuter in New York              Self-explanatory and Obvious